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Ship repair

Ship repair is no ordinary matter, rather it's an entire
industry onto itself.

From welding to engine works or load testing, there are
many aspects to ship repair and ship maintenance.

The range of services you can expect from a typical ship repair company can include:

- Technical supplies: these companies can typically provide you with engine parts, replacement parts, or adaptation pieces;

- Steel works: certified welders can tackle any steel work be it rudder repairs, structural or hull repairs or important repairs after a collision

- Ultra thermic lance cutting: when normal cutting isn't sufficient, ultra thermic lance cutting can cut through any kind of metal;

- Repair berths: when the repairs can't be effectuated whilst the ship is in the water, most ship repair companies have repair berths available for use;

- Maintenance operations: diligent maintenance can avoid expensive repairs down the road. Always make sure to be on schedule with your maintenance!